Lets Get Planting

It’s a long weekend here in Southern Ontario, Victoria Day weekend or the May 2-4 as its called, and for some that means getting started on their gardening.  For me this weekend means being a solo Mom as the husband is off on his boys fishing trip.  Nevertheless I will make the trek to our garden centre to pick up some flowers for our pots in the front and a few herbs for a big planter out in the back.  Many people head out to their local garden centre but I’ve been pretty lucky at our local Loblaws garden centre in finding beautiful flowers.

For now though, our backyard has bloomed through our trees and bushes.  Our Japanese maple is just stunning and vibrant in the sunlight.  The boxwoods need a little pruning but for it will have to do!


This morning I picked up 3 bunches of my favourite flower; the tulip.  Aren’t they pretty!

Spirng Tulips


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