The Great Basement Reno of 2013

Remember this post? Back in March of 2010 we started work on finishing our basement.  And then in April I found out I was pregnant.  And I got very tired.  And then baby was born at the end of 2010 and work pretty much stopped on the basement.  Fast foward to 2013 and we have started finishing the basement again.  When you’re doing most of the work yourself it’s a long and tiring process.  Today’s pictures are of the bathroom.  We still need to paint and install some pretty accessories but for the most part it’s complete.  Its actually nicer than our bathroom in our bedroom.  I’m thinking once the basement is complete I may move downstairs!

Basement Reno 2013 001

Basement Reno 2013 002

Basement Reno 2013 003

Basement Reno 2013 004

Basement Reno 2013 005

Basement Reno 2013 006

Tiles from Rivalda Tiles in Vaughan, ON

Vanity from Tiles and Stone Etc in Vaughan, ON

Sink faucet fixture from Lowes

Shower head from Ginger’s  in Toronto