50 Shades of Gray

No I’m not talking about the book!  Which I haven’t read and am pretty sure I won’t be anytime soon.  What I am talking about is my favourite color for painting.  About 3 years ago we painted our hallway “Ashley Gray” by Benjamin Moore and it still remains one of my favourite shades.

Ashley grayOn some days it looks like a true gray and other days a warm taupe.  Which is perfect because it satisfies me and my husband who is such a taupe kinda guy :-).  Seriously everything is always beige or some variation of beige.

About 3 weeks ago my daughter and I headed out to see the Princess Margaret Showhome which is literally a hop skip and a jump from our home.    Can you say HUGE!  Most of the time I find the decorating a bit too grand but I suppose when you’re designing for a home of this size you gotta go big!

What I did like seeing was gray everywhere!  Check out the flooring in the kitchen.  I would love to have hardward in my kitchen.  I love the pattern and color of it.



The master bedroom in the home had my new favourite gray; Vintage Pewter, again by Benjamin Moore.  bedroom1


vintage pewter









Isn’t it beautiful.  Especially the floors, the drapery.  I’m  not too crazy about the bed being in the middle, but they used it in that position to have a tiny office area behind it.  As if in that huge house I couldn’t find somewhere else to work!  I tried convincing the husband to use this color in the basement but he is too afraid of taking chances and says it’ll be too dark.  I beg to differ.  We have about 30 potlights down there so there’s no shortage of light. I think it’ll be perfect but I gave him one more option of this color which is Upper West Side.  You can’t see it to well in the upstairs laundry, which by the way love!!!!

Upper West Side

laundry room











 Check out more stunning pictures of the home for inspiration or to just daydream





The Great Basement Reno of 2013

Remember this post? Back in March of 2010 we started work on finishing our basement.  And then in April I found out I was pregnant.  And I got very tired.  And then baby was born at the end of 2010 and work pretty much stopped on the basement.  Fast foward to 2013 and we have started finishing the basement again.  When you’re doing most of the work yourself it’s a long and tiring process.  Today’s pictures are of the bathroom.  We still need to paint and install some pretty accessories but for the most part it’s complete.  Its actually nicer than our bathroom in our bedroom.  I’m thinking once the basement is complete I may move downstairs!

Basement Reno 2013 001

Basement Reno 2013 002

Basement Reno 2013 003

Basement Reno 2013 004

Basement Reno 2013 005

Basement Reno 2013 006

Tiles from Rivalda Tiles in Vaughan, ON

Vanity from Tiles and Stone Etc in Vaughan, ON

Sink faucet fixture from Lowes

Shower head from Ginger’s  in Toronto

Basement Reno 2010

Once again, as in our old house, we are embarking on finishing our basement.  Luckily I am married to Mr.Handy and his dad Mr. Handy Sr so we are fortunate that the costs will be greatly minimized.  I anticipate it to be completed by Christmas at the earliest, considering we are only working on it on Fridays and Saturdays and there’s only 2 people doing most of the work.  I’m working on a wish list of things I would love to have.  White kitchen, although not a full fledged kitchen, I would love to have white cabinets.  Hardwood floor throughout, especially in the kitchen.  A workout room where I can finally use my treadmill and the husband is looking at purchasing a dry sauna.  Linda Reeves, from House and Home, raves about the benefits in the latest March issue of Canadian House and Home.

So here’s some before shots…looks totally crazy but I promise you it will turn into something great!