Basement Reno 2010

Once again, as in our old house, we are embarking on finishing our basement.  Luckily I am married to Mr.Handy and his dad Mr. Handy Sr so we are fortunate that the costs will be greatly minimized.  I anticipate it to be completed by Christmas at the earliest, considering we are only working on it on Fridays and Saturdays and there’s only 2 people doing most of the work.  I’m working on a wish list of things I would love to have.  White kitchen, although not a full fledged kitchen, I would love to have white cabinets.  Hardwood floor throughout, especially in the kitchen.  A workout room where I can finally use my treadmill and the husband is looking at purchasing a dry sauna.  Linda Reeves, from House and Home, raves about the benefits in the latest March issue of Canadian House and Home.

So here’s some before shots…looks totally crazy but I promise you it will turn into something great!


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